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Achieving Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investments

Tim Bratz on Achieving Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investments

Tim was interviewed on the Play Your Position Podcast and discussed managing his business and team, what success means to him, and the importance of letting go of the fear that’s always around money so that you can accelerate your business. He also spoke about the modern changes in investing in commercial real estate that weren’t available last generation and some strategies for those looking at commercial real estate. Finally, he shares his wisdom on giving as much value you can.

Think the economy is in good standing? Make sure to give this episode a listen to hear Tim’s vision on the real estate market and the economy’s status for the near future!


  • “I’m not even the quarterback, probably more of the coach of my team.”
  • “It was $10,000 a month in rent with a 4% annual increase on the rental amount and a 12 year lease term, and I did the math on it and I was like, this guy’s making almost 2 million bucks as the landlord over the next 12 years for doing something one point in time…and it motivated me and opened my eyes that I was on the wrong side of the coin.”
  • “If you don’t have metrics in your business, then you cannot measure your business, right? And if you can’t measure your business, you can’t manage your business”
  • “Once you reach that point [success] it’s more about showing people what an exceptional life can look like and really painting a picture.”
  • “I said I just can’t do this. He goes, you need an assistant.”
  • “What you’ll find in business and in life and success is that, there’s always another level. There’s always another layer and every level that you get to, guess what? There’s another level of problems that comes with it that you needed them be able to push through again.
  • “The only people who get rich in a lawsuit or the attorneys.”
  • “Some of the biggest setbacks in life are actually some of the greatest setups.”
  • “Be your best, not the best.”

This podcast originally appeared on the Play Your Position Podcast June 10, 2019.