Legacy Wealth Holdings

Team Building Masterclass and Q&A

February 9, 2024

During this virtual masterclass held on February 9, 2024, Tim Bratz, expert guests, and fellow entrepreneurs share best practices and current trends to retain and scale a team. 

About the Speakers

Tim Bratz
CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings and serial entrepreneur

Tim Bratz is the CEO and founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets. He has transacted over 6,000 doors and his current portfolio’s valuation is more than $400 million. But for Tim, it’s about more than the money, it’s about making a positive impact through education and empowerment. He has since expanded to own a mastermind, digital marketing company, smart management software company, and online wealth building platform, along with author a series of children’s achievement books, Little Legacy Library.

Scott Hanis
Founder of Fortitude HR Solutions

Scott Hanis, Co-founder and CFO of Fortitude HR Solutions, brings over 19 years of HR and business expertise. with a specialization in merging companies and talent management, Scott has led numberous organizational turnarounds and managed HR for over 1200 employees internationally. At Fortitude HR, he’s adept at building effect HR structures and spearheading recruitment strategies. Also leading weekly HR calls for Legacy Family Mastermind, Scott is a recognized thought leader and active you ministry volunteer. His depth of experience makes him an invaluable asset for any HR needs.xdvsdf


Angela Dunn
Managing Director at Rehab Wallet, COO at Garrett Ventures Group

John Melton
Entrepreneur Mentor and Coach, Founder of My Lifestyle Academy

John Melton is a renowned expert in home business, personal branding, and online marketing. Alongside his partner, Nadya, he has transitioned from traditional network marketing to a successful online strategy, overcoming significant legal and professional challenges. Their approach focuses on social media leverage, enabling thousands of entrepreneurs globally to scale their businesses without traditional methods like home parties or presentations​.

Chris Garrison
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Mentor

Chris Garrison is the founder of Absolute Cleaning & Restoration, CEO of My Bigger Vision, and host of the Blue Collar Millionaire Podcast. With a background in construction, sales, and business development, he has flipped commercial and residential real estate and currently operates multiple units, while also mentoring several hundred individuals through his mastermind group Bigger Vision. His desire is to leave a legacy through generational wealth and mentorship.



Ivo Pereira
CEO of E Contracting Services

Ivo Pereira, coming from a family of immigrants, co-founded Eliel Trucking LLC in 2001 with a vision to expand his father’s single-truck operation. By 2015, under Ivo’s leadership, the company had grown significantly. Recognizing a market need, Ivo established E Contracting Services, focusing on site development and leveraging his trucking expertise. The company’s successful growth led to a strategic partnership with Richmark Site Services in 2022, further expanding its market presence and service offerings​