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Money’s great. Wealth is better… But Legacy Wealth is where it’s REALLY at! And Legacy Wealth Show host Tim Bratz is on a personal mission to make a million people financially free, and this is just one of the ways he’s doing it.

If you’re tired of trading your precious time for an hourly wage (no matter how high…) Or, relying on transactional profits over more massive and passive residual income… Then THIS is your wake-up call.

Join Tim Bratz (who has grown a Commercial Empire of multi-family assets worth more than $200 million and 2000+ units in less than 48 months) as he introduces you to his own Mastermind of Wealth Advisors who empowered him to make it happen. And with the power of these millionaire and billionaire strategists behind you, how you can, too.

Podcast Guest Interviews & Articles

Tim Bratz joins the The DJE Multifamily Podcast to discuss going from a blue-collar background to 4,800+ units of multifamily real estate. They discuss team building for investing in real estate, finding and focusing on your strengths, how Tim bought an island, and much more.

Building a Legacy Business with Tim Bratz

Tim met with Jonathan Rivera on the Daddy's Working Podcast to discuss his transformative real estate career, how he manages to keep a work/life harmony with his family, and how to build a legacy business that delivers residual, passive income.

Become the Authority in your Field

Investing in real estate is a great way to earn passive income, but many people feel that it’s unattainable and not something that they can do. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t matter what your experience is, or how young or old you are, you can enter the market, even if you start small.

Build The Right Way, Not Just Fast

Joe Evangelisti from the Legacy Blueprint podcast talks with Tim Bratz about the importance of finding extreme focus, avoiding self-sabotage, how to carve out your path to success, the benefits of JV deals, and more.

Building a Billion Dollar Apartment Portfolio with Tim Bratz

Tim Bratz was interviewed on the Real Estate Investing for Women Podcast to discuss: what the journey from flipping 1 house to over $100 million looks like; how to build a business around your lifestyle; the top 3 actions to be successful in commercial real estate; and why you should develop a passive income.