Legacy Wealth Holdings

The Essentials of New Construction and Development Masterclass & Site Visit with Q&A

February 2, 2024
10 – 11 AM ET

During this FREE masterclass held on February 2, 2024, we cover:

  • Current best practices when building multi-family while on site at a new multifamily construction and development project
  • Real-world development practices including the essential do’s and don’ts for various new construction ventures such as multifamily, residential, self storage, and commercial real estate
  • What brokers and banks are looking for in the current market
  • Insight into efficient project completion and cost control
  • Live feedback and answered questions from development experts

About the Speakers

Tim Bratz
CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings and serial entrepreneur

Matt Carlin
Chief Operating Officer at Legacy Wealth Holdings

Nick Burton
Director of Acquisitions & Marketing at Legacy Wealth Holdings

Jennifer & Jeremy Perkins
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developers with 20+ years experience

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Chris Lam
Full-time entrepreneur and real estate professional in new development

Chris & Deana Roush
Owners of RPG Management – Rhino Storage Group with over 1 million sq ft in self storage (12000 units)

Fadi Boumitri
Chief Investment Officer at Legacy Wealth Holdings

Josh Dixon
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developer in Tennessee

Chris Litzler
Commercial Mortgage Broker and VP of Capital Markets at Marcus & Millichap