Legacy Wealth Holdings

Legacy Summit – New Orleans (Feb 28-29, 2024)

How to Be More Bankable in Today's Market

Chris Litzler at Marcus & Millichap Capital
Jack Lupo at Consistent Capital
Kelli Garrett at Rehab Wallet

Alternative & Passive Investments

Deana Roush at RPG Management
Dusty Keefe at Charleston Property Solutions
Dane Bollwinkel and Corey Geary at D&C Integrity Investments
Chris Garrison – Multiple business owner and operator

Keynote: Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Amanda Holbrook at Specialized Trust Company helps outline strategies that lead her clients and families to the path of financial freedom through self-directed IRAs. Self-Directed IRA, passive cash-flow investing & retirement planning are a large part of her background and a large part of the success her family and clients have seen to date. 

Keynote: Tax Minimization, Tax Deferrals, Keep More Money Working for You

Chris Shockowitz is a technology leader, real estate investor, best-selling author, tax minimization educator, and tax strategist with Defertax.com. Chris shared how and where to find money through tax credits, grants, and trusts.

Keynote: Understanding Financial Statements & Increasing Margins

Bryon has been a CPA for 30+ years and thrives on finding new solutions to save business owners more on taxes. Founder of One Stop Tax Strategists, along with his two daughters, whom together help clients utilize the extra money saved to fund their dreams.