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Legacy Boardroom Mastermind

The #1 group in the country for real estate insights, connections, & mentorship.

About Legacy Boardroom

Legacy Boardroom is the premier real estate Mastermind with a daily support program for active real estate operators, passive lenders, & commercial real estate entrepreneurs.

Membership includes:

  • 2 virtual Masterminds per year, for you and a Business Partner – roundtable/hot seat style.
  • 1 ticket to our two in-person Masterminds (for you). You will be able to purchase an additional ticket to the in-person event for your Partner.
  • Membership to the Private Legacy Boardroom Facebook Group where daily calls are held (for you and your Business Partner).
  • Access to the Google Drive Legacy Boardroom Vault full of priceless information to help you grow your business (for you and your Business Partner).

Here’s the MASSIVE value of Legacy Boardroom:

Daily consulting / Q&A live Zoom calls via the Private Legacy Boardroom Facebook Group from 12-1p Eastern Time, 5 days a week, headed up by our executive team and recorded if you need to access them later. Members can submit real-time questions to be answered and topics to be discussed.

  • Monday is the Director of Acquisitions, Nick Burton, answering questions about marketing, underwriting, negotiating, contracting, due diligence, etc.
  • Tuesday is the COO, Matt Carlin, answering questions about project management, property management, asset management, operations, etc.
  • Wednesday is the in-house attorney & Chief Investment Officer, Fadi Boumitri, answering questions about SEC compliance, what can/can’t be said on social media to raise capital, deal structure, raising private capital, financing agreements, etc.
  • Thursday is the HR Director, Scott Hannis, answering questions about team building, core values, organizational charts, KPIs/SMART goals, hiring, firing, employee benefits, team management, etc.
  • Friday is either Tim or Nick and a guest speaker, who is a member of our power team (commercial insurance, mortgage broker, CPA, attorney), or a Legacy Family member.

It’s like a Board of Directors for your real estate business. The quality and quantity of information is incredible, and you have access to multiple 6-figure executives daily. Legacy Boardroom is hands-down the highest Return-on-Investment and Return-on-Time you can make if you’re serious about growing your real estate holdings.

Monthly Legacy Boardroom Membership

$3,000 One-Time Membership Fee
+ $1,000/mo Subscription Fee

*The monthly subscription fee will begin on the 1st of the month following the month in which the one-time Membership fee is paid.