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Through our investments and private lending programs, you can earn passive income with a stable return to make your money work for you.

If you are interested in passive income from real estate instead of the hassles of managing real estate yourself, our investing and private lending opportunities will help you achieve truly passive income.

At Legacy Wealth Holdings, we partner with investors and private lenders on a variety of investment types. Whether you have cash in a bank account, a self-directed retirement account, the equity markets, or other investments, we can help you achieve a more stable, predictable return on investment through real estate.
Working with us, you earn a return that is backed by a tangible asset that is historically stable and strong: real estate.

Private Lending

Our private lending opportunities allow you to be the bank. Your investment is secured the same way that big banks secure themselves when lending money: with a mortgage, promissory note, and insurance policies. These measures are in place to maximize the security of your capital while it is deployed. The returns to you will also remind you of a bank: the same way that you earn interest in a bank account, you will earn interest on this loan and have it deposited directly into your bank account, but at a much higher rate than offered by traditional banks. That is because banks make a return off the difference between the interest they earn and the interest they pay you. We effectively cut out the middle man (the bank), and take the portion of interest the bank would have kept and pass it straight to you.


Our equity investment opportunities allow you to be not only a partner in a real estate deal, but the best kind of partner: a silent partner, with no responsibilities other than to wire the amount of capital you chose to invest. We take all of the responsibility for the work, and we limit your liability for anything that could go wrong. This program allows you to lean on the years of real estate experience that Legacy Wealth Holdings has, and part-take in the upside of our ventures while limiting your downside risk.

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"I’m looking for a solid return with a solid operator, someone I know I can trust and Tim is that guy. Tim’s here to create opportunity…his goal’s not to make money off the coaching, but really to create more deal flow in which everybody can participate."
Jason Medley
Jason Medley
CEO & Founder, The Collective Genius

We specialize in identifying off-market deals, purchased directly from the seller or from a brokers with “pocket listings.”

This limits the competition we face by reducing the number of offers that we must compete against, maximizing the equity upside for our investors and minimizing the risk of over-collateralization for our private lenders. We then force appreciation quickly, over the first 18-36 months, through our internal value-add processes, quickly increasing the value of the asset and creating positive cash flow to pay our private lenders and make a return for our investors and our team.

The combination of buying at wholesale, forcing appreciation through value-add renovations and superior management, the creation of positive cash flow, and the security of being backed by a tangible real estate asset help minimize risk and maximize return on investments with Legacy Wealth Holdings. Our goal is to create, expand, and preserve wealth, for ourselves and for our partners and lenders, in an effort to live life by design and prepare for retirement through passive, residual income from commercial real estate.


By becoming a private lender or investor who invests passively in real estate, you can earn substantial returns secured by tangible real estate assets. Whether as an investor or a private lender, your returns are fixed. That means you have a stead, predictable return on your investment to help you forecast and plan your finances. In addition, returns to investors and private lenders for their investments with us are in the double digits for annual return on investment, which is exponentially higher than the typical returns for bank deposits, certificates of deposit, or money market accounts, and are much more stable and predictable than commodities, stocks, or mutual funds.

“Buy land. God isn’t making any more of it.” If you believe that scarcity has value, then you must also believe that real estate will always have increasing value. It is simple supply and demand: the number of people on earth has grown every year for thousands of years, and the amount of land on earth has decreased over that same period of time. Historically, real estate has been a consistent and predictable investment, and a strong hedge against the volatility of the equity markets. By investing in real estate, and specifically our niche of multifamily real estate, you are betting that human beings will still need a place to live no matter what the economy looks like, and that the consistent increase in population and decrease in land will mean an increase in the value of your real estate investments with us. With our private lending and investing programs, your investments with us are backed by tangible real estate. While passive investing in real estate is not right for everyone, savvy investors know that real estate investing has made more millionaires and billionaires than any other investment in history.

Yes, you absolutely can. Many people are not aware that an IRA or 401K can be self-directed. What does this mean? Exactly what is sounds like! You can put your IRA or 401K money into any investment you direct. First, you will need to be in control over where your investments go from your IRA or 401K. This starts by moving that money to an administrator/custodian that allows self-directed investments. There is no penalty for doing this because you are not taking a distribution. You are simply changing the administrator/custodian to one that allows you to self-direct where the funds go. Your gains will still be tax-advantaged, but with double-digit, fixed returns backed by tangible real estate. There are numerous custodians who allow self-directed investing, including Equity Trust, iPlan Group, Millennium Trust, Forge Trust, Kingdom Trust, and countless others.

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