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From Nothing To A $150M Portfolio

From Nothing To A $150M Portfolio

At 33, Tim Bratz is an expert in apartment buildings, finding deals, raising money, coaching, personal development, and mindset. Tim’s real estate epiphany came when he saw a lucrative Manhattan real estate deal. He bought his first house in Charleston, SC in 2009 with a credit card for $14,000. Today, he has substantial equity in 2,000 doors and $150M+ in value. The key? Give before you ask.

Tim appeared on the Get Rich Education podcast with Keith Weinhold to discuss:

  • Falling apartment cap rates today
  • Tim’s plan for resilience
  • Buying distressed properties at a discount and forcing appreciation
  • Rapid success by attending mastermind groups

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This podcast originally appeared on the Get Rich Podcast April 8, 2019.