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Financial Freedom Through Commercial Real Estate with Tim Bratz

Financial Freedom Through Commercial Real Estate

People say if you want to make money, get involved in real estate. That’s what motivated 21-year-old Tim Bratz to get involved in real estate back in 2003. Tim is now the CEO and Founder of CLE Turnkey Real Estate, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets for their own portfolio. He shares how he shifted from renovating residential houses to renovating apartments after realizing that’s where the majority of his net worth came from. Whether you’re looking to create residual income, achieve financial freedom, or give your apartment building portfolio a boost, this episode is going to give you a lot of value as Tim gets into syndicating deals, managing large rehabs, raising equity, the criteria for buying a property, and more.

This podcast originally appeared on the The Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell May 9, 2019.