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Our seasoned team is here to help you learn our systems and processes.

Commercial Empire

During Commercial Empire, Tim Bratz goes into detail about the fundamentals of his apartment model, giving you the tools and education you need to build velocity NOW.

Commercial Empire is typically a live, multi-day event. Due to COVID-19, we’ve made Commercial Empire VIRTUAL.

Legacy Family Mastermind

Legacy Family is the premier real estate Mastermind with a daily support program for active real estate operators, passive lenders, & commercial real estate entrepreneurs. Legacy Family is the #1 group in the country for real estate insights, connections, & mentorship.

Legacy Wealth Academy

Educating yourself is the quickest way to level up your business, and we could not have made it easier for you. With Legacy Wealth Academy, we provide Masterclasses encompassing an expansive list of topics/assets from experts in Legacy Family.  More Masterclasses are added each month!

This is a subscription service, but is also included with the Legacy Family membership.

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