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Building a Legacy Business with Tim Bratz

Building a Legacy Business with Tim Bratz

Tim met with Jonathan Rivera on the Daddy’s Working Podcast to discuss his transformative real estate career, how he manages to keep a work/life harmony with his family, and how to build a legacy business that delivers residual, passive income.

An eye-opening episode for any Entrepreneur looking for how to balance a family relationship with a thriving successful business.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Thoughts on Thoughts: Seeing the beauty in the worst tragedies (1:00)
  • Having a goal that feeds the soul (6:40)
  • Growing up with parents who had polar opposite financial values (10:45)
  • Entrepreneurs can make a lot of money…but here’s what the majority can’t do (22:10)
  •  Two key things all successful real estate investors look for, and how they make more money than anyone else in a down-market (26:20)
  • Defining your ‘unique’ abilities (33:45)
  • The Code to success, and why a lot of people hold back the ‘final dial on the lock’ (34:30)
  • How mentorship and masterminds played a monumental role in Tim’s growth (37:30)
  • Good Mentors Vs. Bad Mentors (39:30)
  • The one thing Tim did to TRIPLE his income (43:00)
  • Tim’s solution to work/life harmony – and how he does it without pulling his hair out! (45:00)

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