Legacy Wealth Holdings

Market Pulse March 2024: Live Virtual Masterclass on Today's Economic Landscape

March 29, 2024

Our monthly market update with experts in each field plus live q&A. Topics of discussion include:

  • Up-to-the-minute analysis of the current real estate market
  • How to be bankable and keys to financing real estate & business loans
  • Quickfire updates on Labor, Tax, and Insurance
  • Trends in Marketing, Cryptocurrency, and Business

About the Speakers

State of the Market - Real Estate

Caleb Pearson
Single Family Investor and CEO of the Caleb Pearson Team

Chris Lam
Real Estate Investor

Dan Rivers
Real Estate Investor & Fund Manager

State of the Market - Financing

Kelli Garrett
Fund Manager, CEO at Rehab Wallet

Whit McCarthy
CEO at Consistent Capital, Lender

Amanda Holbrook
IRA and Self-Directed Expert at Specialized Trust Company

State of the Market - Labor, Tax, and Insurance

Scott Hanis
Founder of Fortitude HR Solutions

Melanie Sikma
Tax Strategist at 
One Stop Tax Strategies

State of the Market - Marketing, Cryptocurrency, and Business

Q Moldrik (formerly Patterson)
CEO of Legacy Digital Marketing

Chris Garrison
Real Estate Investor and owners of multiple Service-Based Businesses including Blue Collar Millionaire Coaching

Dane Bollwinkel
Real Estate & Cryptocurrency Investor