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3 Health Hacks I Use Every Day

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal training.

I’ve hired trainers, I workout with trainers, I’ve hired health experts and nutritionists. I’ve done all sorts of different blood work. 

And there are so many different fads, so many different diets and workout regimens and all this different kind of stuff that it’s hard to know what to follow.

So I have narrowed it down to three health hacks that, for me, move the needle more than anything else. Three things that will give  you the biggest bang for your buck. If I focus on just these three things, my health stays dialed in. So these are the three health hacks that you can implement so you don’t have to neglect your health while you’re building your business.


I was on a discussion panel with my good buddy Ben Azadi, and I asked him, “Ben, when somebody sits down with you and you do an audit on their health, what are you looking at first? Nutrition? Are you looking at their workout regimen? What?”

He says, “Tim, easy answer. It’s their sleep patterns.”

Think about this. How long can you go without food?

Three, maybe even four weeks. Obviously, you still need water and maybe some vitamins and stuff, but your body will eat the fat that’s on it.

How long can you go without working out? I mean, people go years without exercising.

But how long can you go without sleep? 

You can only go maybe a couple of days without sleep, which tells you that sleep is the most important aspect of your health. So how do you make sure you have good sleep?

First of all, you want to make sure not to eat within about 3 hours of going to sleep. Second, once I’m in bed, I try not to get up. It’s easy to fall asleep reading your kid a story and wake up and look at the phone and then be up for the next two or three hours.

It’s easy for the dog to wake me up, and then I take him out and then I’m awake for another two or three hours checking emails. Or my kid wakes up, needs to go back to bed, needs a back rub  in order to fall back asleep. 

I mean, shoot, I even have a newborn baby at home now.

It’s very easy to get up, but that really messes up your hormones and your wellness for the next day. And so when I go to bed, I track how well I sleep with something called an Oura Ring. There’s a bunch of different things that you can get to track your sleep and and and see how that is, but get something that can measure the amount of REM sleep and the amount of deep sleep that you get.

Those two are the key. And you want a total of about 3 hours of deep sleep and REM sleep per night. Some people would be heavier on deep sleep, some people can be heavier on REM sleep. I’m pretty heavy on deep sleep, which really rejuvenates the body and REM sleep really rejuvenates the mind.

Usually REM is at the very end of a night’s rest. So if you wake up early, you end up losing out on that REM sleep and your brain doesn’t get to recharge like your body did.

The important thing for health hack number one is going to bed at a regular time. So if I’m eating dinner at 6:00 or 7:00 pm, I’m in bed between 9:45 and 10:15.

I’m always in bed at that time and I stay asleep.

Even if I wake up, I just stay in bed and fall back asleep, and then I wake up around 6 am. That means about 8 hours of sleep. It gives me enough deep sleep, gives me enough REM sleep, it keeps my hormones in check, and makes sure that I’m energized for that next day.


What are you putting in your body?

For me, I like to drink once in a while. I like to eat candy. I like to have ice cream with my kids. I like to eat whatever the hell I want when I go out to eat.

I don’t think health should be one of those things where you’re punishing yourself all the time. Instead, I try to crowd out the bad stuff with something better.

So what I do is I try to drink a gallon of water every single day.

That keeps you hydrated and flushes out all the toxins and shit out of your system.

It also fills me up, so I’m not hungry as often. Or when I do eat, I don’t eat as much.

Drinking water allows me to be a little bit more cognizant of what I am eating. By focusing just on the water, I can feel good about eating anything else. And I just naturally make better decisions about what I eat anyways because I’m focused on the water.

So drink a ton of water, drink a gallon of water.

It’s a pain in the ass. You’re going to take a piss every hour and a half, but it’s part of crowding out the bad stuff and just adding in something good that’s going to make a good positive impact on your diet. And so that way you’re not consuming more calories than you need to, and instead you’re putting in a bunch of hydration and feeling really, really good.


The third hack that I focus on is more about the fitness side of things. It’s not working out every single day. It’s not pushing weights every single day. It’s not getting my body mass as high as possible.

I got this from when I worked out at the gym. One day I went to the gym, and I was running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes.

There was a lady next to me walking on a one or two degree incline for the same 20 minutes.

After I finished up, I’m sweating like an animal. I looked over to see how many calories I burned, and I looked at hers.

She burned almost as many calories as I did.

How the hell is that possible?

Because walking crushes calories. So what I focus on isn’t working out every single day or pumping a certain amount of weight or squatting or anything.

I’m focused on walking.

So I try to walk 15,000 steps every day. We live a very sedentary lifestyle sitting behind a computer, on our phones doing things where we’re not moving, and that is so bad for your body. You just have to keep on moving.

So again, I just focus on moving my body and getting 15,000 steps every single day. If I don’t hit 15,000 steps, I’ll go and take a walk after dinner, before dinner, after I put the kids to bed. And I’m just focused on that. So health hack number three: move and get 15,000 steps in.

Here’s the challenge: for the next 30 days, I want you to do all three of those things every single day. Focus on getting to bed by 10:00 so you can wake up at 6:00 and have a good 8 hours of sleep. And get something that can measure your sleep.

My buddy Gunnar, he uses this thing called a Whoop Band. It’s like 30 bucks a month. An Oura Ring is kind of expensive up front, but there’s no monthly fee that goes with it.

But find some sort of wearable technology that’ll track your sleep so that way you can see how many hours of deep sleep you get and how many hours of REM sleep that you get.

Second thing: crush the water.What I would do is just take a gallon of milk, and when you finish it, just fill it up with water every single day and carry it with you and crush it as often as you can. 

I also have a quart-sized bottle, and those are just easier to travel with. But whatever is easier for you! Just focus on drinking a gallon of water every single day,

And then the third thing, again, is to get a step counter.

You can find one on Amazon for like $15-20 bucks, like a little watch, or you get an Oura Ring or you can get whatever sort of wearable technology. 

I think your Apple Watch or even your iPhone can count those steps. So just keep it in your pocket. Go for a walk. 15,000 steps is around seven miles of walking a day. You probably already walk two or three miles a day just naturally in your day-to-day activities. 

What I do is I just hop on a phone call. I’ll schedule an hour’s worth of calls in the morning, and I only take those calls while I’m walking. I’ll end up hammering out about four miles while I’m walking. And in those four miles, I’m able to get around 10,000 steps that get me up to that 15,000 step mark.

So do those three things for 30 days and tell me if they aren’t health hacks that any busy entrepreneur can do to really reposition their health and their fitness, to really capitalize on all the good things that that they can do without having to consume their mind and their time with doing all the other nonsense that we hear about, all the fads and all that kind of stuff.

Can’t wait to hear your results.

We made a video on this! Watch it on the Legacy Wealth YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly6c44dsXQg&t=392s